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X... I checked out your web site!  Fantastic!  Ambition to
join the FBI and protect innaleckshual proppity when you grow
up.  Oodles of experience with the Republican Lady from Florence
County AND Walmart!  And a serious commitment to something called
"Objectivism," the fundamental tenets of which are to be found
in a couple of ponderous novels written 40 or 50 years ago by
Ayn Rand!

This message is sort of one of those ad hominem thingies... kind
of a caveat for others on the list with less time for surfage
to consider the source... rilly folks, if you can find the time,
check this guy out at

Amazing content.

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>> Bombing Afghanistan is in NO WAY defending my life.  As far
as I'm
>> concerned, it is further endangering it and every one else
in the world.
>> Killing innocents in Afghanistan or anywhere else is pathetic
>> inexcusable.
>Well...killing innocents does nothing, obviously - but killing
those who are
>sworn to commit mass murder on us seems to me to be a defensive
>This doesn't seem like a very fruitful line of moral reasoning.
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>"In no other country in the world is the love of property keener
or more
>alert than in the United States, and nowhere else does the majority
>less inclination toward doctrines which in any way threaten
the way property
>is owned."
>- Alexis de Toucqueville
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