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Story:I remember walking into my office at 8 o'clock that morning and looking up at the sky as the usual low flying planes were going in and out of the big airport near my office. It wasn't much, but it seems so stark to have stared at those planes right before everything happened. I was proofreading business cards at my part-time job in Morrisville, NC (its part time because I'm still in graduate school). Right at 9:00 BBC world news came on National Public Radio, and the first thing the announcer said was that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. My first thought was that it was some crazy person in a small private plane, like the one that crashed on the grounds of the White House a year or two before. Throughout the morning the story kept unfolding on the radio and all I could wonder was what would happen next. I kept trying to call everyone I know, which was hard because all the cell towers must have been tied up. Because my office was right next to Raleigh-Durham international airport, the sudden absence of very loud planes low overhead was like a deafening silence. I had heard the whole thing unfold on the radio all morning, both at work and in my car as I drove to the UNC campus for my Tuesday evening class. The first time I actually saw anything was near the student center on campus, where they had pulled out televisions and put them outside so everyone could see. The sudden addition of a visual image after six or seven hours of only hearing about it was incredible and horrifying. It seemed for a long time that we were never going to get back to a normal life, but amazingly its been almost a year today and life is basically the same as it has been. I hope we don't forget.

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