September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:My mom wolk me up and told me the traid centers were bombed. I shrugged it off remmembering what happend in the early 90's(it was 7:00am on the west coast). She came back into my room and turned on my TV, to my horror I saw replays of the first pane. Then as I was calming down I saw what i thought was another replay, but in total disbelief it was the second plane. I then just broke down for a while and just sat staring blankly at the tv screen. I then when to our front room and they were talking about them possiblely colapsing...I said "no way", my dad then concured with me. Again to our worst fear the towers fell. I then got sick to my stomach. I then called my girlfriend assuming she was watching and she was not, so she put it on. The next couple of hours were kind of a blur. I then got ready and went off to school (a local colledge). There were tv's every where showing CNN and we had a disscusion in class about the events of that morning. After school I whent to my girlfriends house and was in utter disbelief. Then when i went home (around 10:00pm), I completely broke down...I was unable to uderstand how someone could hate any one that much. In fear that my cousin would be in (USA armour division). I then when to sleep...if you could call it that. That was the worst day of my life and ironicly it is the day i remember the most clearly. It was my generations Pearl Harbour/JFK assasination. That is how i remember the day the world changed.

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