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Hi x,

I'm responsible for conveying the Action Committee's suggestion to the
Policy Committee for your assistance at MAPC's November 17 action.

The idea we came up with was that it would be great if the Policy Committee
could have letter-writing tables at the gathering. I've seen it done before
and the results are both satisfying and potentially effective. The idea is,
bring stamps, address stickers and envelopes, and have a suggested letter
(or some important points to be made) and some paper, and encourage people
to hand-write their own letters to Baldwin, Feingold, Kohl, Bush and Powell
(or whoever you think is most appropriate). Hand-written letters apparently
are the most effective.

I know one of you expressed concern about the SOA message/connection of this
action but I think we will really still be prioritizing the antiwar message
so don't worry about that. The SOA link is just a new twist to keep the
message fresh, I think. I wouldn't think the letters would even have to
mention it.

Unless you object, I'll be coming to your meeting on Tuesday (briefly) to
convey this suggestion, hear/discuss your committee's response and answer
any questions.

I also am thinking of coming with you to see Feingold, unless you think my
shaved head would tarnish your image. :-)  I promise not to spout socialist
rhetoric. I'd just like to meet the guy and hear what he has to say. And
thank him for having a backbone!

In solidarity,

Email Date:Friday, October 19, 2001 1:17 AM

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