September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story: On 9/11/01 4 plane hit 3 buildings.The pantagon and the twin tower.I was at home sleep when all this was going on until my mother called and told me to turn on my tv. When I turned it on all I seen was smoke in the background of the lady who was talking.Then she said the pentagon and twin tower had just been attack.I was scared cause my favorite teacher worked there. I waws thinking was she safe? was she hurt or not?then I called her on her cell phone but know one picked up. I really got scare. Then I remember that my grandfather and his best friend worked there.Then I smelled something burning in my kitchen. My brother was to bussies looking at tv and forgot adout what he was cooking.Then my mother called and asked me to pick up my cousin.So I did. When I got there all I seen were kid running around.

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