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I'm not sure which committee has been most active with the 11/17 action and
related things.  I got this note from Sister Mo today requesting help with
Edgewood's transportation to Ft. Benning.  It would be great if we could
either recruit more passengers or consolidate passengers so less vehicles
are required.  thanks a bunch

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>Subject: SOA Vigil transportation
>Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:39:31 -0600
>Dear X... Thank you for the info on the Teach-in for Peace.  I will
>pass that on to key folks on our campus.
>Also, I just talked w/a woman who was at the MAPC meeting Tues. eve, and
>she said she heard that there are partially empty vans which UW students
>and/or MAPC members are trying to fill up for the Nov. 16-19 trip to
>Columbus, GA.  As of right now, I still have 20 seats empty on our
>42-passenger bus.  We cannot pay for that bus if we don't fill it.  Do
>you know anything about the UW vans or who I could call to see if we
>could consolidate on this?
>Thanks much ... Sr. X

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