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Hi guys,

I see you're still at your budget meeting.  Please still email me
tonight to find out about the submittal of tthe peace/humanitarian aid
resolution which is due tomorrow at 9am and having it on the Nov. 20
meeting agenda.

Then later, tomorrow, you can tell me/us or we can start discussing the
strategy you'd like to go forward with with its passage, if there will
be a substitute by others or not, etc.

Remember, X, still call me tonight (doesn't matter if the CC meeting
is over late) to let me know about what's happening tomorrow at 9am.  My
telephone # is XXX-XXXX and please leave me a message if I'm unable to
answer the phone.



Email Date:Tuesday, November 13, 2001 10:56 PM

Email To:X; [private];

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Email Cc:NULL

Email Subject:[MAPC-policy] Urgent--Humanitarian aid resolution

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