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Story:Toward a More Perfect Union

Approximately one year ago, on September 11, 2001,
our nation was tested by the evil acts of terrorists
hijackers; however, I ask myself,
What have we learned about our nation since the
tragic events of 9/11?. After the September 11th
attacks, I have noticed that they have had a major
impact on most people nationally and internationally.
The events of 9/11 affected everyone in the nation
because we can no longer be sure of how safe our
country really is even though it is the most powerful
nation in the world. I still can t believe that the
terrorist hijackers hijacked four planes on the same
day. To make matters worse, they used them on the
symbols of our nations economy and on the symbol of
our nations military power. The 9/11 events affected
other countries as well, such as Afghanistan and
France. If it were not for the terrorist attacks, the
U.S. wouldnt have attacked Afghanistan, and
Afghanistan wouldnt have been freed from Al Qaida
rule. France, on the other hand, was affected because
ever since the 9/11 attacks, the tourism rate
decreased by about 8.6%. Before the attacks tourism
was at approximately 11.6 million people, which means
that after 9/11, tourism decreased by approximately 1
million people. Our nations largest companies have
received the biggest impact because they have either
collapsed (like Enron and, gone corrupted,
or had to lay off many people to help its business.
It is really disappointing that we cant trust our
nation s financial leaders because of the fear that
even they will collapse and with them would go our
money. A year ago we watched these tragic events, and
we shall remember that we lived through the worst
events in American history.

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