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There's a pounding at my door, then the door is thrown open. It's early. I'm jarred out of sleep and told we're under attack. The only attacks I can think of are the regularly scheduled ant raids on the honey pot or peanut butter jar. Did I have to be awaken for that? Christ, blast the little grease ant bastards with a steady stream of Raidtm. But it wasn't grease ants and had nothing to do with my kitchen. It was New York- World Trade Center, Washington- Pentagon and Pennsylvania- the woods. It was passenger jets. I saw they had blown apart the World Trade Center by, essentially, throwing over a hundred people at it. Those planes smashed into the towers over and over again. Then, the buildings collapse again and again. The less squeamish Mexican station Telemundo shows people jumping out of windows, falling, banging repeatedly against the sides of the trade center as they plummet. Politicians go on TV saying things like "swift retaliation" and "act of war." This is just the beginning.
Callers to talk radio shows go through a series of pro-American posturing and then scream about nukes, Afghanistan, Iraq and god knows what. The people that aren't screaming for war don't seem to know what to say. They have the images of Palestinians cheering in the streets. An old lady in rags ululating. Children singing and smiling and jumping up and down in joy. What have these people taught their children? What have they twisted into their own souls? These are people who believe good punishments for women and girls who disobey, show interest in sex, go to school, work or leave their homes without a male relative is imprisonment, torture or death. If these recent terrorist attacks do nothing more than give us an excuse to occupy Afghanistan, after unfortunately blasting it to shit (as if it's better than shit right now), and stop these horrible violations of human rights then I'll go along with the war mongering idiots. I hate to speak for the women of Afghanistan, but really, they'd be better off dead under piles of rubble than living under the rule of the Taliban (controller of 90% of Afghanistan) who despises them solely for their genitalia. I'd happily shoot any male member of the Taliban, preferably after raping him with the muzzle of a double barrel shot gun, and this has nothing to do with our airplanes or big tall shiny buildings. It has to due with my desire to violently violate the human rights of anybody who enforces a system of codified violent human rights violations. It's illegal for women to go to school, get an education and follow it up with getting a job. This makes them nothing more than baby producing slaves one hundred percent dependent on men. The sad thing is the Taliban isn't confined to Afghanistan. Their members saturate the populations of the Middle East, and evidently some of them live here in America. The Taliban is to the Muslim religion what the KKK is to Christianity. And speaking of Christianity, what was President Dips**t doing quoting from the book of Psalms during his oh-so inspiring five minute plunge into mispronunciation? Is this some sort of g.d. Holy War he thinks we're going into? Kill an Arab for Jesus? God bless you. God bless you straight to hell you filthy Mohammed lovin' heathens!
I'd appreciate it if god was left out of all this. Their were people of many religions, philosophies and beliefs killed yesterday; let's keep that in mind.

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