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Story:People can say that September 11, 2001 was a wake up
call. In ways it was but in some ways it still isnt.
After the event, people started to feel a patriotic
feeling and it was soon all over the U.S. Now people
started to appreciate their way of life and realize
the evils of the world. They didnt realize that evil
has been going on forever only they were too
self-centered to care. Now that September 11, came,
terrorism has become a face of American life such as
potential biological attacks and the anthrax attacks.
Things have already faded off a bit and maybe were
thinking about the war were at. When and if we an
salvage anything good from this, it could only be the
reality slap. For the good, people can now appreciate
their way of life and everything we have for free.
Before then we took for granted everything we have.
Unfortunately we maybe going back to our attitudes of
before and assume nothing again. Nowadays everything
seems to be going back to normal. I know that I feel
normal now. September 11 is in the back of my mind
but it not something i think about all the time. Its
more of a bad memory. Its not exactly life changing
but it did open my eyes to things I never thought
about before. But I wonder what people will do when
the first year anniversary comes around. Will people
be sad to the point where they cant work? Ill be sad
and Ill give my respects to the people who died but I
wont really be to the point of no work.

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