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Story:Up until September 11, 2001 discrimination seemed to
have almost disagreed. One strong emotion that I felt
after this catastrophe was insecurity it was as if no
one could be trusted. After, September 11, 2001 people
that looked like if they were from the Middle Eastern
seemed to be easily detected in public places. Even
though most people are taught not to judge a person by
their appearance now people from the Middle Eastern or
with decent are being ridiculed. This is very
inconsiderate of us because some of them are also
Americans and have also been hurt by this tragedy. A
reason that I know that their is a lot of
discrimination id because just a week ago at a local
grocery store I notice many people turned their eyes
to the door as two women entered the store with
Turbans on their head. This is unfair to these women
that they are being judged by their appearance rather
than who they are. September 11, 2001 brought
Americans closer together in the fight against
terrorism and everyone more patriotic than ever, but
together we have turned our back to those people that
look Middle Eastern.

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