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Story:We were told that September 11 changed everything, but however much the rhetoric has changed, the Bush Administrations actions certainly havent. For example, from their first day in office, they have tried to mislead the American people. Remember how they told us of the case of the keyboards missing Ws and the vandalized and looted White House at the hands of the dastardly, retreating Clintons? Only later the GAO reported it hadnt happened.

After the terrorist attacks, we were told the President couldnt return to Washington, DC and had to keep flying about the country because there was "credible evidence" that Air Force One was a target. Only that wasnt true either.

Before September 11, Vice President Cheney refused to release the names of the executives and lobbyists he met with while drawing up his energy plan. Now, even after law suits, court orders, and the collapse of Enron, he still refuses to let the American people know with whom the plan was conceived. All we know is that conservation may be a "personal virtue" but its not part of his or his pals vision. So nothing much has changed there either.

Oh, weve also had campaign finance reform banning "soft money." The President has since set a record raising the same.

Weve had record corporate bankruptcies in the past year, so its been a priority to make it harder for individuals to file for similar protection.

If you were interested in protecting the environment, retirement savings, or Social Security your concerns were not those of the White House before September 11 or after. Your agenda hasnt been interrupted; it was never considered to begin with. Next time they suggest writing bigger checks. That will get their attention, after all some things never change.

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