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Story:9/11 was a wake up call for us because we finally
realized that we should be more united. When we opened
our eyes we saw that we weren't as safe as we thought
we were. Before 9/11 we felt secure about our country
so we would do our daily chores, worked, shopped, and
attended school. Now any one who is a noncitizen will
make us very uncomfortable and we tend to get away
frome them because we are afraid of getting hurt.
Which made us criticize more often of people who dress
different and follow another culture than us.

We have seen other disasters or tragedies in other
countries and have felt and seen their needs
afterwards. But 9/11 was something that made an impact
in our lives and now we see things differently it
hurts more what it is going out in the world. We have
learned that there is a lot of evil and mean people
all over the world and it seems like there is a
continuous World War. Different countries are just
fight ing without cause or just for what they think
seems to be right for everyone. The ones that always
pay for it are innocent children and people who don t
have part in what is going on. There are many other
there who don t like the way we live in democracy so
they want to get rid of us. We can salvage anything
good from 9/11 but it depends on each one of us
because we all live in a different world in our heads.
So what I learned from 9/11 will be different from
some one who lost a relative.

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