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Story:Toward A More Perfect Union:Lessons Learned - Or Not - 9/11

Since 9/11 america was at a stand still of just the thought of planes flying into the twin towers. The main question many people say is this a wake up call for america? In some was many things can be wake up calls but this was much more which has so many words and rumors we just cant describe it.If this is a wake up call I say we as americans have woken up and have seen that there iare dangers out there that dont just affect our government polititions and mililtary,but we the people of america aswell.We finely realized not to let our guard down because we thought we could not be touched critically by third world country terrorist.We opened our eyes to a new reality which many of us may have not wanted to know about.Many americans have learned to be more patriotic due to this insident which brings people loving their nation more than ever.Although there are those who are awake of theis new reality some just want to be living in the past like the 9/11 insident never took place. This insident also gave our president Bush a chance to step up and take charge for america,and keep our country running strong due to the tradegy.
Its strange to think that there are contries that are dangerous and crupted which think we are the same. Out of all these plans to eliminate terroism hopefully something positive can come from thes bringing positive actions and statements from other countries to bring peace.As a result of this we are ready for anything but the only problem is that we are against terrosits not a country.

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