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Story:The events of September 11th brought this nation into an uproar of different opinions and reactions.

One of the hardest hit groups of this country were the political leaders. They believed we were invincible and their dreams were crushed by these actions. They were finally able to see that no one country is overly superior above the other and their ego was deflated by the shock of the attacks. At the time we felt so high and mighty on our ship that we didnt even realize anyone was behind us, and now they see that we have to do something about it.

Another group of people really touched by this are the ones involved in or had someone involved in the tragedy. Their hearts were heavily stricken and deeply sadden. It hurts horribly when you lose someone, so these people did open up their eyes to seek more love and closeness. Their feelings were much more affected than say mine or one of my peers. Having discussed this with friends, Ive come to see that we are not troubled by these issues. Im not saying that we are cold-hearted monsters, but since we were not directly hit we didnt get the same effect. Im sure knowing someone involved would make all the difference, but since I didnt I feel indifferent. My life did not change much and it resumes pretty much the same. It might be because I feel useless or because Ive had enough time to think all of this out and understand how all of this works, but I did not take this as a wake up call but as a slight realization that we are not perfect.

So even though we all reacted to this, the state of effectiveness is very

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