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Story:I had planned a REVOLT AGAINST THE TAX REFUND for September 13, 2001, at
which time a group of us in Manhattan were to meet, tax rebate checks in
hand, and simultaneously endorse the checks over to groups and people
fighting Bush policies. When the September 11 attack occurred, I
realized I would have to cancel my event. It couldnt possibly arouse
any interest while the nation focused on the terrorist attack.
That was MY interrupted agenda.

However, the tax abatement issue is still, if not more, critical today
than a year ago. Our needs are even greater but with less revenue to
address them -- our receding economy; our health care crisis; our
worsening environment; our failing education system; the reestablished
deficit; our increasing numbers of poor with the concomitant smaller
numbers of rich controlling greater amounts of wealth, as well as the
necessity for greater defense (but sane and non-threatening to our civil
liberties) measures against terrorism.

Although politicians and government officials have been reluctant to
tackle these problems because of the Republican scare tactic of equating
constructive criticism, even honest discussion, with lack of patriotism,
there is urgent need now to confront the fact that the tax refund plan
must be aborted before our tax base diminishes to the point where our
society will collapse.

With matters approaching a crisis point, we must now re-open the
dialogue regarding ill-advised and harmful Bush policies. Let us ignore
polls and false Republican accusations of un-Americanism and raise
questions and demands for tax reform and, generally, economic and social
responsibility before it is too late.

I, a 71-year old grandmother, have lived long enough and through enough
war and turmoil to recognize the danger signals. In the spirit of Tom
Paine, we must debate policies imperiling our well-being, our rights,
our safety, our future NOW in order to maintain a free nation.

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