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Story:This sad anniversary offers us an opportunity to take back our democracy. Above all we must work for peace and social justice to create a brighter future for our children.

In the past year U.S. responses to crimes against humanity led us into greater peril. Bush blundered into a quagmire in Afghanistan. Israels occupation of Palestine exploded. The conflict between Pakistan and India threatens to go nuclear. Latin America balances on the brink of economic meltdown, coups and chaos. Our environment shows more signs of damage with every seasonal cycle. We see unremitting government attacks on constitutional freedoms. Now we face the prospect of intensified war with Iraq. Without legal justification and with the likelihood of terrorist backlash, we anticipate using massive deadly force against the Iraqi People. Our choice lies between collective responsibility for our childrens future, and the collective insanity of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Bruce Springsteen sings in tribute to the heroes of September 11, who raced into the fire and died:

May your strength give us strength

May your faith give us faith

May your hope give us hope

May your love give us love

By contrast, Bush lacks the moral strength to serve social justice and peace. He lacks faith in democracy, hope for a better world (which is the only real answer to terrorism), and the love of humanity. His strength is killing, making money, and lying about it. His faith is non-existent. He hopes for apathy of the American People. He loves money and power.

Thirty years ago my grandfather wore a ""Dump Nixon"" button and denounced the obnoxious criminal in the White House. I can do no less to oppose todays equally venal U.S. rulers, dedicated to corporate domination of working People and immoral wars in service of the rich.

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