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Story:"Toward a More Perfect Union: Lessons Learned - or Not - Since 9/11"

Toward a More Perfect Union: Lessons Learned - or Not - Since 9/11

The events that took place on September 11, 2001 were more than a wake up call and more like a slap in the face. No one in the world, especially Americans, would have expected this to happen. America was pictured as an invincible country, so no one figured that a major terrorist attack would actually take place. It proved that America with its high standing in the world needs to take precaution with everyone in order to ensure the safety of its people. It showed our country that we should never let our guard down. We now know that there are people out there that will take advantage of the situation and try to take us down when least expect it.
I believe the attacks also awoke a sense of patriotism and unity in all Americans. Its sad that it took an event of this caliber to get people to help one another. It also gave Americans the opportunity to show a side of them they never knew existed and it also made them realize what was really important in life. More people now look at everyday situations with a little more kindness in their heart and a better attitude. Americans also became very proud and appreciative of the country and government. We all became more grateful and aware that we live in a great country.
These horrible events were a lesson well learned. America is now moving in the right direction, by making sure to be more cautious and to always remember, no matter what, to be appreciative of our way of life.

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