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Story:"Toward A More Perfect Union","Toward A More Perfect Union: Lessons Learned - Or Not Since 9/11

As the commanding officer as well as a member of the
San Benito NJROTC, I couldnt believe my ears when I
heard what had happened over the intercom. The first
thought in my mind was how could this have happened
or better yet how could this have happened to us?
As I walked down the halls, I heard many say Let s
just bomb them all . Again I couldnt believe what I
was hearing. Two wrongs wont make a right.

How many crosses will we have to lie
Before we say our last goodbye
How many wars will we have to fight
Before we realize, in war, theres no wrong or right.

America is made up of different races, religions,
cultures, and their traditions. We come in all sizes,
ages, and styles. Thats what separates us from other
countries. Ironically, thats whats separating our
country. Everyday we fight a war amongst ourselves.
It took a great tragedy, such as September 11th, to
open our eyes and bring us to a halt. Or did it? Did
we really open our eyes or merely glance in another
direction. Yes, we came together to fight a war as a
country, but a war on whom? A War on Terrorism is
what those seeking someone to blame call it.

We saw it on T.V., we heard it on the news and, a
year later, we discuss it amongst each other. No one
really knew how to deal with what happened. America
found it wasnt invincible and suffered from a great
loss. We realized that we may be a big piece of the
puzzle but we are still just a piece that completes

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