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Story:September 11, was a wake up call for the Americans.
Then, what did we see when we open our eyes? Now that we see that our United States have been attacked, people started to get together
because of this horrible thing that had happened. Nobody had the idea that this could happened; September 11, is a day to remember. This day was a big tragedy to our US. Many innocent people was killed, families were destroyed, little innocent children were attacked but, who would of think this was going to happened exactly this day?

This is a day that opened American s eyes to the reality, a wake up call. In plain sight, I think that there needs to be more protection, the government needs to consider that there is a big risk in our lives. And, what will happen this next 9/11? Nobody knows, expectantly, if something like this happens, we need to get and be ready. Authority of the government need to be prepared in order to avoid another affliction like 9/11 and to make a better world full of peace. Apparently, to my point of view, I think that this day we would never forget, this would stay
in our minds for the rest of our lives. It is a day that all things that were happening stay in American's heart. Finally, I'd like to assume that September 11, is a day that opened all American s heart, and that of
course this day is a historical day.

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