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Story: For some 9/11 made them do a complete 180. Some went searching for old flames and others wanted to defend their country. As for me, I was indifferent. One thing I knew though, was that those of us who witnessed it, saw a completely different America. As chaos swept the nation, flags were waved proudly in every neighborhood. The patriotism that was hidden before, was now shining brighter than ever.
I see now that we are not the untouchable nation because obviously they touched us where it hurt, like a fresh bruise. Our ego was easily deflated, but now just as easily it is getting puffed up again. We are like any other nation except now they have all seen us cry. Our standing in the world is shifting, friends are becoming enemies and visa-versa. One example is Russia, they have recently signed a $40 billion business deal with Iraq. That is a sign to the U.S. that they will not be backing us when we finally invade Iraq.
One thing we can learn, and have somewhat been practicing already, is to take these terrorist threats more serious. Some people may not take these threats too serious, but threats are like seeds, they eventually grow into full blown plans being followed through with. This incident was a lesson learned. Also we know that through the hard times all of America was there to lend a helping hand. It is comforting to know that all across America people dropped what they were doing to donate their time, money, and food.

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