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Story:Is our Nation really as invincible as we thought we

Prior to the 9/11 attacks on the US, the US thought
that nothing such as what happened would ever happen
to us. As a country that is known to welcome any
person and open to diversity, we never imagined that
anyone could hold such hatred toward us. Because we
think of ourselves as a powerful country, we are naive
to our flaws and may actually be inferior to the
countries that we are superior to.
After the attacks, we have realized that we can be
susceptible to corruption that can be as extreme as
any other countrys. Other countries that are not as
fortunate as ours are going to try and place us in
situations that will make us look like we cannot
handle great problems. We need to know our status as
well as be aware of our flaws so that we will continue
improving. I don t think that we will ever be at the
point where we are the most powerful because there is
always room for improvement.

We have also forgotten some lessons that we should
have learned, such as civil rights. Civil rights are
what make our country what it is. The business of
detaining people that belong to a certain group goes
back to the time the Japanese-Americans were detained
after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This makes our
democracy appear weaker because we are going back to
mistakes made in the past.
We need to focus on our imperfections so that we may
improve and get the focus away from our power we do

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