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Story:"Toward a More Perfect Union"

If 9/11 was a wake up call, what did we see when we
opened our eyes? I believe it was a wake up call and
this terrible tragedy will be a day of remembrance

The anniversary of the September 11 attack is just
around the corner. This horrible day showed all
Americans how lucky we are to live in America and have
freedom and rights that we have. I believe this
opened the eyes of all Americans. People from all
across America hung flags outside their houses, on
their cars, and have gone out of their way to donate
blood. In my personal experience on a trip to New
York, I found it heartbreaking to see ground zero. A
wreath hung on a fence in remembrance of those who
died at the world trade centers. It seemed like the
citizens of New York had gone on with their lives,
taking their daily walk or sitting under a tree
reading a book.

In my opinion, the only good that came ot of this
reprehensible act was that airports became more aware
of suspicious passengers. In my personal experience
at an airport, after September 11, I was surprised to
see how the airline attendants did such an extensive
search on all luggage.

America has never been the victim. Hopefully we can
regain our pride and no looked down on upon other

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