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Story:"Lesson from 9/11"

In attempting to gain wisdom from the horrible events of last fall, itmight be instructive to remember what happened on September 11th. On that day, reckless terrorists decided to take into their own hands the fate and affairs of a democratically-elected government and an innocent
peace-loving population. They decided to swoop in, brutally destroying national landmarks, sending over 3,000 people to their graves, and leaving many survivors to grieve in unimaginable torture in the days and months following, not knowing what became of their loved ones.

Many people around the world, despite their own troubles, expressed shock and sympathy with the victims of this terrible tragedy. In the areas the attackers came from, there was jubilation; their newspapers and radio stations and the secret memos between conspirators expressed the twisted hope that ""a swiftly deteriorating economy will touch off a
wave of violence leading to a military coup."" All this while the
survivors sat in disbelief that anyone would come so far to disrupt their new president's term with such violence and hatred.

But, of course, we should all know by now that is exactly what happened on September 11th, 1973├│when the United States government cruelly overthrew Salvador Allende of Chile and brought the dictator Pinochet into power and started his monstrous reign of terror. Those responsible, the CIA, Nixon, Kissinger, the multinational corporation ITT, have never
been brought to justice and, in fact, 29 years later, our pundits and politicians still turn to them today for counsel on how to carry out world affairs.

While it is just and good to mourn the deaths of those in New York and Washington last September, it is crucial that we admit that our government and our military, at the behest of greedy millionaires and corrupt, unscrupulous corporations have committed far more numerous and constant crimes against humanity all over the globe, including here at
home. And they are gearing up for another huge invasion in the next few weeks.

If there is a lesson from 9/11, it may be as old as the need to live together in cooperation and peace. It may be "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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