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Story:"Toward A More Perfect Union: Lessons Learned- Or Not-SInce 9/11"

On September 11, 2001 the history of our nation
changed forever. America witnessed lives being cut
short, families being separated, and our buildings
being destroyed.
Our minds drastically changed overnight. As a result
we have become more demanding and eager to engage in
wars without thinking twice. SInce we became stronger
and more assertive with our military, will our kids be
drafted to fight for our country? WIll such a
disaster be re-lived in the future? To help prevent
these types of horrible acts we must alter our
Many questions come into play about our nation as
one. One question is will we continue to pull each
other down, or ban together and become united as we
should? To many this tragic act was not a shock, but
a hidden fear in the minds of many. Their are many
rummers, and also real threats. Who should we Trust?
What actions should be made? Although we do not have
all the answers, America is rising to higher standards
of demand and security. Our President has become a
stronger leader. He enforced many changes for the
protection of you and me. America has now been on top
alert everywhere like on airports, ships, and across
our borders. Government officials are being trained
for many circumstances. The scrutiny is mainly
imposed on most middle eastern people. They are
usually sent into secondary across our borders for
further questioning.
Although the date will always be remembered with
great sorrow, we should not dwell in our downfall, but
pick up the broken pieces and become stronger. My
message is we cant change the past, so we should
concentrate on the future. How could we make an
impact to help secure a safer environment for this
world we live in?

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