September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story: We have seen our worst nightmares come to life, and
all we could do was just stand there and watch.
America is eagerly on its way to rebuilding its power
and self-assurance that weve always felt it had.
It s an enormous struggle, but do we really know in
which way were heading?
Our country's foreign policy is not where we expected
it to be. We cant even find the cooperation we would
expect to get from the people who we call our friends
and allies. It s as if every corner we turn there
appears two more. We can only hope to find those we
are looking for and get rid of those we dont want.
Is the American Democracy prepared to triumph over
these dictators, anarchists, and terrorist groups
which only wish to see our downfall? Democracy in the
United States has changed over the centuries, and
continues to change for the benefit of the people and
its survival. Before September eleventh, most
Americans never really saw what democracy was all
about. Now we see both its muscle and Achilles' heel
in this time of crisis. Foremost, democracy
guarantees us our liberties and civil right written in
the constitution, but it limits us on doing things
promptly and accurately when they are needed.
America certainly has united and continues to stand
tall. President Bush has enacted a Homeland Security
Act, which has our country under tight security in
preparation to stop any further terrorism. Americans
have different feelings on this leap forward, and
wonder if this is the right way to go. A downside to
it has been that some of our rights have been stripped
away in cases such as, racial profiling at airports
and border checks, holding prisoners without bail, and
habeas corpus.

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