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Story:"Union United"

Was it a wake up call? Was it a get your business
together? Many people try to concentrate on what else
might happen in the future or what the president will
say or do next. The issues that were on the news daily
before sept. 11, are coming back very slowly.
Most of those issues have to do with the president
ignoring them. Yesterdays problems are yesterdays
problems and today's problems are tomorrows worries.
According to many people, Sept. 11 was a wake up call.
They said that America is a free country and we have
been taking our privileges for granted for such a long
time. Also that many americans wait for such a tragic
begining to be able to appreciate their country. Other
people understand the meaning of Land of the Free,
which means that hundreds of young men and older men
risked their life's for their family and friends, so
that they wouldnt be prisoners like in some third
world countries. Many other people have clubs,
organizations, and funds to help others understand the
value their country has. When foreigners come to live
in America, they know that they dont have to follow a
day to day routine exactly as their leader. Many of
those foreigners go through a lot just to be free. To
me many Americans are to judge mental on how their
free country is being run. They should always think
twice before they talk bad about America because this
is the country they have lived and given us so man
rights. I personally didnt think it was a wake up,
because my life really didnt change of how I saw
America. I somehow in a way was angry of how many
people out of a sudden started going to church and
started praying.

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