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Story:Before 9/11 I was preparing to go to the
demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank in
Washington. Due to the militarization of police forces
in the US and increasingly violent tactics used by the
police for crowd control, I was freaked out. The
meetings were cancelled, but I still attended a peace
demonstration that drew about 6,000 people. Allthough
Al Queda doesn't deserve to get off free, the US
should be responsiblely inside the bounds of
international law for justice to be made.

When the first reports came back fron Jenin I felt
empty inside. With a feeling of helplessness, I went
back to D.C. to express disapproval again. People have
their opinions on the conflict, but my tiff is with
the fact that Israel has hifacked the ""War on Terror""
and is using U.S. tax dollars to extend state
sponsored terrorism on the Palestinians. At this
demonstration, 100,000 people, almost half of Arab
descent, marched on Washington. The emotion of the
Palestinian-Americans were so high and their courage
was amazing to show their disapproval during the civil
liberties destruction of post-9/11.

At this time, I'm upset. The Bush administration's
inability to pass the Kyoto Protocol and Bush's
unsigning of the International Criminal Coart is
unacceptable. Our elected leaders decided not to sign
the international children's rights treaty, this is
not acceptable. The U.S. delegates that walked out on
the UN Conference on Racism just before 9/11 are not
acceptable. The US tuned out any oppertunity to use
the UN for justice of the 9/11 masterminds. This shows
how much the US cares about international law.

So while so many are proud to be American, I am
ashamed. Whenever I spend money I cring at what my tax
money is supporting. Is it fueling state sponsored
terrorism in Columbia and Palestine? On the
anniversory of 9/11, I will mourn. After that, once
again I will prepare for another trip to DC to express
diapproval of the IMF/WB, because it is patriotic to
stand up for what you believe in. Terrorism can not
interupt our agendas for democracy and with leaders
like George W. Bush we are heading in the wrong direction.

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