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Story:"Agenda Interrupted","Two Wrongs, Right?

We know what were doing, so get out of our way! Is this the motto of Team Bush as they deconstruct the Constitution in favor of business model based government?

Team Bushs attitude towards governance was not so clear when the Twin Towers toppled and the presidentðs popularity soared. Only dimly do we remember that just before September 11, media outlets announced that results of consortium commissioned Bush v. Gore 2000 election recount were imminent.

Tragedy struck, and predictably they were not. Not until mid-November did consortium participants release their version(s) of the results. Dutifully, media organizations reported Bush really is president, while burying the true story: had the recount proceeded without US Supreme Court intervention, Gore won.

Civil unrest hasnt materialized despite the fact that Bush Administration actions in the aftermath of September 11 bear remarkable resemblance to a coup. Tactics involving repression, intimidation, disregard for the Constitution and its separation of powers now threaten our cherished democracy.

The rule of law is thrown in the trash bin as treaty after treaty has been abrogated, or more ridiculously unsigned and the UN undermined. A right wing agenda is effected using War On Terror as the justification. Dissent evokes a harsh and coercive reaction from the White House that stifles inquiry.

We must question the legitimacy of this presidency as we hurtle towards the brink of certain military conflict which may well morph into World War III. Before the world goes up in flames, thoughtful Americans must stand up to the powers that be and call their bluff, or risk losing democracy forever.

These times are exceptionally dark and dangerous, not only because the administration is too cozy with corporate culture; but because the corporate media are it, and as such play along.

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