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Story:September 11, a day that opened Americans heart.
his day was a wake up call for everyone. It made
Americans realize how evil people are out there. Just
to imagine how many people died in that disaster,
makes people understand how valuable life is. New
York, the city of the Twin Towers; The city of a new
history. I am from John Hands Class and Ill be
writing about this topic.
Children's crying, running , and screaming, while
others were making published out of a disaster.
Reporters began to realize this when they saw what the
reality was and how bad this was. The September 11,
made America a better union by bringing everybody
together, but also insecure. If we had prevented
something like this everything would be the same or
better than before. Interrogations were done
everywhere I could say that even in my school were
real scare that they didnt let us take back packs. I
was frustrated that I didnt know what to do. Just by
passing through the gas station and seeing the prizes
oversimplification made my heart feel sad, for the
only reason that I though it was going to be the end
of the Word. At this point, I started to think about
how many things I didnt get to do and also the things
I took for granted.
In conclusion, Ill like to say that people don t do
anything until something happens. All I can say now
is that even though we had that disaster America is
looking forward
"Toward A More Perfect Union
and a better World".

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