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Story:Many of the issues that seemed never ending in the news
disappeared after Sept. 11. A few have returned while others are
left in the dust. The biggest one or one of the most talked about
was Bush's new presidency; whether or not he would be a reincarnation
of his father and if he would be a good president. This question has
returned as suspected. The nation is continuing to contemplate his
actions as president thus far. September 11 lifted off his
reputation as the ""people's president"". This was caused by his
standing upon the wreckage together with the firefighters and
speaking to the group of people who there about how he will retaliate
against the Al-Queda. They felt at ease because he seemed to be in
their level. Although this has occurred people of this nation still
remain unsure toward his actions afterward. An enormous amount of
people were anxious, thoroughly vexed, and wanted revenge as soon as
possible. Personally, I was apprehensive Bush would consider a
strike attack right after, then all out war. Especially now when the
government is thinking about Iraq. Some residents of this nation
want revenge while others would actually like to consider some
thought into their final decision. For instance, an example where an
equal amount of pressure and thought was put into was the Cuban
Missile Crisis. President Kennedy and his advisors had to compete
against the army's top men when they wanted to produce an immediate
attack on Russia when they were posted in Cuba. Just like then we
too are wondering whether Bush's decisions have been made correctly.
Our commander-and-chief should be able to handle this situation.
Question... Do you think he can or will?

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