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Story:Toward a More Perfect Union: Lessons Learned- Or Not-
Since 9/11

After the terrible tragedy on September 11 the world
has changed drastically. we went from fighting against
one another over political issues to being united
against the criminals who committed this heinous
crime. People opened their eyes and realized that
instead of us fighting amongst each other that we are
all together in this country and to stand up together
as one. This tragedy caused many people to think
negative about our countrys government because of
their decisions concerning the incident. The public at
first felt that the government reacted way to slowly
and allowed the criminals to escape. The government
took heavy criticism and now they react without much
debate. They are quick to make drastic decisions
because they dont want any public backlash.
Regardless of what kind of approach the government
takes the public will find something to complain
about. The government now also worries about our
standing as a world power. We were and still are the
number one power in the world but we are also seen as
being weaker than we were before. Other countries now
realize that we are not as invincible as we think we
are. Even if they wanted to hurt us, its even more
difficult for foreigners to enter our country. The
foreign policy of our country since September 11 has
become much more strict and many people are not
allowed to enter or country. Since the eye opener on
September 11 I think we have realized that there is
much more important issues than political issues and
tax cuts. We have to learn to appreciate the people
around us because at any given time those people can
be taken away from us.

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