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Story: On 9/11 when the smoke cleared our eyes were
opened to the frightening truth. We are vulnerable as
a country as any. This nation is no where near
invincible, and now we live in fear of a future
attack. The people responsible for these actions not
only killed thousands of Americans and caused billion
of dollars in damage, they instilled fearing every
American heart.
When these events come to mind Americans ask
themselves what were the motives of the villains? Why
did they do what they did? Did they do this for
revolutionary purposes? Was this some sort of crusade?
I personally feel that this attack was for religious
purposes. I feel these said individuals committed
these crimes to prove that there religion or faith is
above every other. I as an American believe that they
are entitled to practice their religion or faith
freely, but I ask myself what kind of a religion would
promote murder? What kind of a religion would allow
people to kill innocent people?
What caused these events is not as important as what
will be done to compensate for them. When will justice
be served and who will it be served to. The response,
of the U.S., for these crimes was timely and just. I
realize that more people have to die but it is
necessary for the sake of keeping our country safe.
As our eyes opened on 9/11 after the attack we
realized a number of things. Our pryers still go out
to those affected by the tragedy. Now we as a nation
can only learn and grow. We have to remind ourselves
that when all is said and done, we are still one
nation under God.

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