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Story:"Agenda Interrupted "

Important or Not?

What happen to the issues of social security and Tax
Bill?Are they not important now? Were they ever
important enough to want to come back and mend them?

The problem about social security to me is an
important issue for the fact that I work now. I m
paying taxes so my check is being deducted. I want
to know that I am going to be able to retire with
money that I worked for throughout the years. Moving
on, the Tax Bill with the tax cuts has being discussed
and passed on. However the people are now having
second thoughts of their own decision for the fact
that at that time it was brought up the economy was
fine . Thus, now they are doubting because since
Sept. 11 our economy has gone down. Airlines have
declared bankruptcy many americans have being laid
off. The decision is how will this tax bill help us?
The government has being putting off the major issues.
They want us to believe that our problem with Osama
Bin laden and Afghanistan is the #1 priority that we
need to take care of. The government wants us to
believe that we re in war against Afghanistan although
the US never did declare war. They say it s a war
against terrorists but how do you declare war on
Even though our government has failed us in that point
it is doing everything possible to keep up with their
duties, The Preamble.

Action has being taken towards Sept. 11 troops havebeing sent. There is no argument towards that but the issue is that they also have to keep up with the other
important issues not forget them. If they are dealt
with now the rest of time could be concentrated on the

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