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Story:"Toward A More Perfect Union"

I strongly believe 9/11 was a wake up call for all
Americans. This showed us how lucky we are to live in
a country that gives us the freedom to have the the
Bill of Rights and a Constitution. We have greatly
learned to appreciate our government even thought we
may not always agree with what they do, but in the
long run it is for our best interest.

We have realized that maybe our differences about how
we are allowed to run our lives was a reason for the
destruction the terrorists did. Even though our
customs are different they thought it was of to punish
us the was they did. They way see what we call freedom
of religion as a sin to have more than one religion,
but who are they to complain. At least everyone in our
country is happy and people are not trying to flee our
country like many other citizens are fleeing their
counties. They may have seen it as they were saving
many people from our corrupted country by their

By comparing our country to many others we have
realized how privileged. We are fortunate to know that
we cannot be discriminated for our race of by the way
we dress and to have the opportunity to be the person
we want to be. With the terrorists attack on America
it has given us, the people of the world, a reason to
put aside our pity differences and unite to fight
against a common enemy. It is just a shame that some
thing as tragic as 9/11 had to happen to make us a
stronger and prouder country and to open our eyes and
see how lucky we truly are.

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