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Story:Did Gary Condit have anything to do with the
disappearance of Chandra Levy? The tax cuts, the
education bill, social security, the rising costs of
prescription drugs, whatever happened to all these
issues that had us on the edge of our seats? The
media had us consumed with both important and
irrelavent issues, but yet, people watched.
All these issues were americas agenda. Then, on
9-11, americas agenda was abruptly interrupted
indeed. The evil acts that took place on that day hit
us all like a ton of bricks! We all just watched on
television as our nations twin towers as well as our
pride was struck by filthy reprobates!
New Yorks skyline has, irreparably, been damaged.
Thousands of our innocent neighbors were killed and
our spirits bruised. Then after all the smoke clears
and the dust settles, America now has a new agenda.
Now, all the while, those issues that were so
important before 9-11 have become obsolete. So what
ever did happen with the disappearance of Ms. Levy?
She was found dead and that was the end of that. I
wonder if all other issues not pertaining to the 9-11
attacks will ever be as important as they used to be?

One thing I do know is that, yes our agenda was
interrupted and it probably will be again, but
understandably so. I do think that it is sad that it
took something of this magnitude to get our mind off
of money issues and what not and on to things a lot
more important such as our nations well being. But at
least now we have an understanding for what it means
to be an American. Agenda interrupted (9-11) has made
a huge impact in our lives in more ways than one.

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