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Story:Toward A More Perfect Union

The terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 really
shocked everyone. It brought hurt to the families that
lost a loved one. It also brought hurt to the people
who believed that we were a strong nation and that
nothing was suppose to happen to us. Do some americans
still believe in the nation that claimed to be the
strongest country? Or do they need some sort of
assurance to believe again in the U.S.?

Many americans have come together to be their for one
another in a time of need. They were donating blood,
sending clothes, donating money to the Red Cross, and
doing so much more to help out there fellow americans.
But who has been there for them? The person that has
done this is still out and about thinking that he has
done the impossible to the United States. He is hiding
out some where laughing in our face because we have
not one clue of where he might be to serve him the
justice he deserves. We as Americans need to stay
united and not let this destroy us as a nation, for if
we stick together we can overcome all the terror ,
that Bin Laden thinks we have, and fight back!

But on a different level we should not start
something that we can t finish because then that just
opens the door to many other countries take advantage
of our most vulnerable time. Was this the perfect
revenge or is it just a warning of more horrible
things to come?

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