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Story:No longer do we bask in the economic growth of the nineties. Rather, we sulk in the aftermath of 911 and the crushing economic Boom;"" the crumbling of major corporations and the uncovering of corporate greed at its best. Oh George W., where do we go from here?
We were promised a return to the decency of Reagan and a resurgence of the party of Lincoln; no longer could it afford to exclude America. Hindsight being 20/20, did we really believe that a Bush could live up to the New Republican mantra (i.e., Compassionate Conservative)? Did we really believe that tax refunds and the privatization of Social Security would keep our economy stable?
In Re Lincoln: The response to 911 by the Justice Department does not resonate with the party of Lincoln. Racial profiling, once looked down upon, has become the tool by which justice is served. No longer taboo is the acknowledgement and use of racial characteristics in casting suspicion on brown members of society. The rationale, in the interest of American security, but whose American security? Surely not the Middle Eastern looking American? Maybe so?
In Re the Economy. The privatization of Social Security is the only way to save it. Americans do not need the government to tell them what to do with their money! Post 911 and the great corporate fall out, Americans need the government more than ever to protect middle class interests and retirement funds. 401ks emptied into the pockets of the twenty million-dollar CEO beg the question, could working class Americans afford to place their trust in the market?
Does any of this matter? Maybe not, let us not to forget: The people did not choose our current leader, an old trusty technicality did hence we wait for you 2004.

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