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Story: Nine eleven was a terrible day for all americans. So
many lives died living in the country of freedom. The
people of the United States of America are angry at
such a horrible act against our country. We want war!
We want justice! And most of all we want revenge. Many
are asking why hasnt there been a declaration of war
announced. Think back to Pearl Harbor they knew the
attack was coming yet they did nothing to prevent it
from happening. The same applies here. If we were so
ready to announce war then why not now? We had a
country to declare war on. This is not the case now.
we are after terrorists not a country. How can you
declare war on a group, but not a country? I guess it
is not as simple as we first thought. Saudi Arabia and
Iraq the mothers of terrorists. Think if we have an
out war with one or both countries then say no to the
following:gasoline, tiers, lubricating oils, paraffin
wax, asphalt, plastic, shoes, and for all the doctors
no latex gloves. Petroleum is in are everyday life.
are you willing to give up all this and more? Think
about it if you are seriously injured and have to go
to the hospital will everything made of plastic still
be there for your benefit?

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