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Story:Toward A More Perfect Union

September 11th was a wake up call for us because we
realized that we should be more united. My belief is
be united because you never know who is going to lose
their life next. It might be your uncle or brother in
the army or someone that lives just next door. Peace
is what should be among us to make this possible and
be united as one.

When disaster struck America, we opened our eyes
realizing we weren t as safe as we thought we were.
It will take a long while to trust the people that
destoryed what we had and destroyed the lives of
innocent people. So many are scared and worried if
tomorrow will ever come. In one ordinary day
everything fell apart. How do we know if they will
strike again. We have no clue. Most people awake
feeling insecure about their lives.

Its been almost one year after September 11th and
people still see it as if just yesterday it happened.
This destroyed the hearts of many loved ones out
there. Every morning when I turn on the radio I tend
to always listen to the reporters speaking about
September 11th or even just about Osama himself.
Every time I see the news they talk about all the evil
out there. For example the disasters and tragedies
that have happened in other countries. It has been
long since they would talk about America. Now it s
been heard all around the world about the tragedy of
our own country. Is this another World War that has
come. Our own president has always tried his best in
doing best for his country. Now that this has accrued
he is trying harder than ever to keep his people
secure. God Bless The United States!

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