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Story:"Toward a More Perfect Union: Lesson Learned-Or Not-Since 9/11"

Who knows what tomorrow may bring and what waves will
hit you next. What occurred on September 11, 2001 was
considered a wake up call as some say, but was it
really? Understandably, some people's world was
turned upside-down; the way they used to live and view
life has taken a new course. Unbelievably, others went
on, almost blindly unaware of the bare fact that
America needed to be awakened from its slumber.
Those things that use to be so dear to our hearts
seem to hold absolutely no value at all. Priorities
transformed from money to family. People we swore
never to talk to again; we suddenly rushed to phone
them. Other's spiritual eyes were opened and they
understood the importance of God in their lives. But
how long would this last?
Yes, it is true that every church was full the Sunday
morning after 9-11; people had and still do have so
many questions that no simple man had answers to.
Americans were overflowing with sorrow and, having
nobody or nowhere to turn to, they looked for comfort
in the house of the Lord.
Now, almost a year shy of 9-11. Has the sorrow and
anger subsided? Has America so easily forgotten the
pledge of living a different lifestyle, and truly
being one nation under God ? True, out of tragedy
many lives were woven together never to be separated
Yet, in the midst of unity also lies anger,
resentment, and of course, that question which will
always dawn on ever American and when others reminisce
on the events that occurred on September 11,

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