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Story:"Agenda Interrupted"

Agenda Interrupted

Before Sept. 11, the news reported that because there
was a surplus in 2000, President Bush approved a tax
cut . This tax cut however only benefited the wealthy
and corporate side of America leaving the average
worker with little to show. After this tax tax refund
occurred it was discovered that the moneys the
government originally had to allow a tax cut was no
longer there. Why? Some politicians anticipated that
the tax payers who received this tax cut would turn
around and invest the money back into the economy.
This didnt happen. A majority saved the money or
used it to pay bills that were owed anyway. In early
September of 2001, democrats and tax payers noticed
this oversight. As a result a major change came about
in the financial situation of the U.S.. We went from
having a surplus in 2000 to being in debt by trillions
by the end of 2001. Bush considered possibly dipping
into Social Security to get us out of this slump.
Several people in Washington were against this arguing
that is had never been done before for a reason. Then
the tragic events of September 11 occurred and
understandably the country s attention was changed.
However as the end of August is upon us we are seeing
the economy for what it really is. In my opinion had
September 11 not happened, the country would have
noticed this problem allot sooner and Pres. Bush would
be in allot more hot water than he is now. Apparently
political suicide runs in the family. Despite his
simple minded appearance, he found a clever way of
distracting everyones attention. In the days
following September 11, he gave speeches ( none of
which he probably wrote), he toured ground zero, and
spent allot of time on his air plane. He had an
approval rate of over 60%. Now we not so sure.

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