September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:In the eyes of many Americans, September 11th was much more than simple a tragic event; it was a realization. Hundreds of Americans sadly lost their lives in an effort to run the country, when terrorists invaded the United States for the same reason. These terrorists hoped to bring this wonderful country down by hitting its strongest weakness, in an attempt to free the Americans of their selfish ignorance; however, their attempt, which they saw as a success, became nothing more than a failure. Yes, once the attack seemed to be over, Americans showed their concern for the victims and their sympathy for the families of those deceased, but what does it really matter if it only lasted for a short period of time, then returned to its usual schtick. The narrow-minded officials continued to arrogantly boast of our nations grand fortification. Other authorities threatened to retaliate and to not stop until theyd had their justice. But is justice their true motif, or could there be something greater? Is it possible that something so childish as revenge could come in to play? Is this countrys quest to defend the nation, or to prove a point? Though the terrorists intentions were to make us open our eyes, it seems theyve only made them shut harder and unfortunately, there seems to be nothing improving, by any means, to which we can say can be salvaged from this horrible tragedy.

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