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Story:Toward a More Perfect Union

September 11 brought a lot of changes to Americans
all over our nation. Although this brought us
together in ways we would have never imagined, it
changed people s thoughts and actions all over the
world. Teenagers went out in groups to help nurses
and paramedics by donating food, supplies,
blankets,etc. Police officers, firefighters, and
volunteers, worked for days trying to locate trapped
victims that had not yet been found.
Cell hones companies were also using tracking devices
to track down missing people calling for help.
Everyone was working together to save victims from the
remaining buildings.

The tragedy of 9/11 has changed the way Americans
feel about foreign policies. Before, America always
had a positive outlook on things and never expected
the worst.For example, the air port security in our
nation has tremendously increased. In other
countries, the security has always been strict. Other
countries always had a negative outlook on things,
they always expected the worst. Weve always been so
accommodating towards other countries. Our political
leaders are more cautious towards countries who call
themselves our allies and our enemies. We have become
more aggressive and demanding to our foreign

All over americans thought we were untouchable. This
incident proved us wrong. They hit us right where it
hurt and many loved ones were lost. Over 3,000 people
perished on September 11.

In conclusion, 9/11 has brought both the best and the
worst in some people. Maybe this will be a lesson to
the federal programs who should take threats way more
serious before something like this happens again .

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