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Story:The United States of America has always been believed
to be above and beyond other countries; it has always
been one of the most powerful and respected nations in
the world. The recent terrorist bombings of September
11, has caused our dominance on a global level to be
questioned. It turned our America wasnt as
untouchable a nation as we previously thought.

The very structure of our country has been put under
review. The aftermath of the attack has served to show
Americans that our democratic government doesn't work
very efficiently in crisis situations. There are too
many people involved in the decision making process,
and it can take anywhere from a week to a few months
to finally take action. Democracy is very messy.

It has taken almost a full year for the US to start
rebuilding the damage done to our country, and that's
not very reassuring to me. Personally, I've lost a lot
of faith in the US of A. I know it was no one persons
fault, but I can't help but wonder: how could our
government let this happen?

We all know the US is constantly sticking its nose in
every else's business, so how did we not figure out
that sooner or later someone would get upset. We
should have been prepared, but I guess this attack has
served to open our eyes and help us see how badly we
need to update our defense.

The bottom line is that our country has to stop being
so indecisive toward what action to take for the
public interest. America is a great country and will
prevail no matter what.

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