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Story: America has always been thought of as a very strong and independent nation by millions of people. But do those people still feel that way?
There have always been threats against America by terrorists but obviously not all of them have turned out to be false. There were threats prior to 9/11 that make it seem like the government did not take them seriously enough. Does this not sound like Pearl Harbor? There were attack warnings back then too that also went ignored. If the government, or our leaders, would have addressed these warnings with as much concern as they have for wanting to be the most powerful country, maybe none of this ever would have happened.
Since that day almost a year ago, security all over the nation has been increased tremendously. People coming into this country are being checked more closely to make sure they are not terrorists. That is all good; but what about those terrorists that have lived here in the states for several years now? We may not know it, but did anyone know those men who had lived here and taken flight lessons here would crash airplanes filled with innocent lives into the Twin Towers and kill thousands?
So what has America learned from this? Even though, no one will ever be able to replace those innocent lives or fill in those empty places in so many peoples hearts, I hope America has learned that we arent a perfect untouchable nation. Anything can happen at any given time, but hopefully our leaders will make the right decisions and take all, even very unlikely threats, seriously.

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