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Story:Retirement is a bad subject, starting to think like a politician though."

"They'll just have to throw Me out !!!""

Enie Menie Minie Moe.
Which way will the Nation go.
It's hard to say with all this Pride.
But, GOD, you bet is on OUR side.

The Great God of Moses,
teaches this.
The Laws of Allah,
tell us that.
I guess it's either, Hell or Bust
For this Nation knows,
in which God, WE trust.

In time, I'm sure this all will pass.
Like a bad midnight, attach of gas.
The Nation's woe and fearful blight.
Will pass away just like the night.

But until we're told that it's all clear
By, We The People, we hold so dear
Remember the Pledge of Liberty and Justice for all.
(May not apply in your state)
And pray we get to Vote again.
That's All.

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