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Story:We owe this country big time. Now we must be more vigilant in
protecting our priceless freedom. We are facing realities we have not
yet encountered, and we have nowhere else to go. We must be commmitted, not merely involved. It can be explained like a plate of ham and eggs. The ham (pig) is committed, while the egg (chicken) is merely involved.

There is a sense of continuity that stretches throughout our
country, like a work in progress, like a beacon, to the rest of the
world. We are THE living example to a watching world. Our strength
likes in our interbreeding, our melting pot, our many cultures.

If push comes to shove will we lay our lives and the lives of our
citizens on the line, to protect our way of life? This question must be
answered. Maybe we will just have to learn to handle it better.

Liberty, taken literally, is the right to choose, and we choose to
start to heal up the American way of life. We must give our time, money
and the inconvenience required.

We need an Alpha Dog. In a war, when a Marine officer is killed,
they do not look to the next officer in line to command. They look to
the one who takes command immediately, whoever is the first. This is
the Alpha Dog.

We need an Alpha Dog.!

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