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Story:The most astonishing lesson I learned was that NO LESSON WAS LEARNED BY
THE GOVERNMENT! My first reaction during attacks prior to even the
towers falling was, ""of course the Muslims did it, maybe now the
foreign policy of our government will finally change and they'll listen
to the 3rd world instead of pushing the practice of corporate
colonialism bigtime while hypocritically calling it spreading
democracy."" Maybe now they'll realize their policy of being the biggest
arms sellers on the planet, (many times any one else), is incredibly
stupid in the long run, spreading hatred of America in areas of civil
unrest fueled these arms in the 3rd world which allows their children
(especially Palestinians) to be killed with bullets labeled ""made in
America"". Great way to make friends.....wouldn't you agree?
When family members visited relatives a few block from the trade towers
shortly afterwards, they returned with pictures of memorials all over
the city containing the slogan ""Don't turn our grief into a cry for
war"", I was, for the first time in my life, proud to be a New Yorker!
Yet what was the result? These memorials were barely noticed by the

As Dubya barely could conceal delight at his war mongering
administration getting what it'd wished for, the press finds ""depths in
his shallow"" as Molly Ivins penned. We've allow the administration to
use our uneducated fear to rob the country while buying votes at the
same time with that fear, as their closest allies the Enron boys so well
displayed, all in name of fighting the terror they themselves
instigated! There is no hatred of us or our way of life by people
abroad. There is total hatred of our foreign policy! Our news media is
responsible for this disinformation being complicit with the right wing
plutocracy which stole the election, whose supporters now own the news

We need a Loyal Opposition Movement by Real Patriots in this country, to
take back the democracy the Deists like Jefferson, et. al. gave us.

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