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Story:"Toward A More Perfect Union

Some of the things weve learned since September 11.

Hijackers attacked our largest city and military headquarters armed with boxcutters, so the White House increased funding for missile defense. We were supposed to go on about our lives as normally as possible, but the Vice President and a significant number of administration personnel would be in a secure, undisclosed location. It was a time for sacrifice, so we were told to go shopping. The attack was launched by a gang of thugs operating out of numerous countries, including our own, so we invaded Afghanistan.

According to the President, the attackers hated our love of freedom. So now if the president declares an American citizen an enemy combatant he or she can be detained indefinitely without charges, counsel, or contact with anyone. If we dont have our Constitutionally-protected freedoms anymore maybe the attackers will stop.

America had been seen as acting unilaterally in the world, causing rifts among our allies whom we then called upon to assist us in our War on Terror, so weve withdrawn from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, refused to participate in the World Court, pulled out from key environmental agreements, refused to support womens rights, and now over their objections continue to plan a new war against Iraq, a country not involved with the terrorist attacks.

The CIA and the FBI both failed miserably in their jobs to protect the American people, so they were given enormous increases to their budgets. Meanwhile, if our schoolchildren get failing marks on their tests, we slash their schools budgets. We know about the poor performance of the intelligence agencies from employee whistleblowers, so the new Homeland Security Agency will not have whistleblower protection.

At least the Presidents not worried; he still gets a month off every August.

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